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Marcus Grönholm & Timo Rautiainen, Ford Focus WRC, Rally Sweden 2007
Marcus Grönholm & Timo Rautiainen, Ford Focus WRC, Rally Sweden 2007
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Another life-changing decision

Bruno's Blog, from a fan for fans!

Welcome back to my blog, thanks.


It seems you are curious. :-)

Great, I'll tell you now what was different on that "WRC 3 launch party evening" in November 2003:


As always, the game intro was the first jaw-dropping highlight. Right after that, Beda and I checked all driver's introduction clips. Meanwhile, all the faces were as familiar as the snooker stars.. Damn, Eurosport, I still hate you for that! ;-)

Finally we had seen enough and we started playing, as we have done for years.

At some point in the championships, we played "ADAC Rally Germany" which was part of the official WRC calendar for the second time. Its introduction clip impressed because the rally hosting city center of Trier and its Roman times "Porta Nigra" looked similar like  some old villages in Switzerland. At some point while Beda had to wait until I had beaten his record time, he asked if I knew when Rally Germany will be held in 2004. Not too long after his question, I had set a new best time and handed the controller over to Beda. Then I checked internet which was quite an adventure back in these days. The waiting time compared to the effective time in the net felt like 10:1... Do you remember these days? Dear god, times have changed for good! :-D


I found out that Trier was about 550 km away from Switzerland. If we drove toll-free and fast German autobahn, we could do it in less than 5 hours... The rally itself was on 3rd weekend of August which fitted perfectly to our holiday plans. That's why we spontaneously decided to do that trip and see it live. 


Beda and I have an engineer's mind, means we develop our strategy from a future target on backwards to now. Our brainstorming all evening long led to the conclusion to find an all-inclusive tour operator and to make sure that we got nice memories, means pictures.


A few weeks earlier (October 19, 2003) I had been in Monza, Italy to spectate at the FIA GT 500. To get nice memories from there, I had borrowed my brother in law's Minolta Dynax 7000 analogue camera. This was a quite good camera and therefore I expected to get quite good pictures... And of course I had taken the best pictures ever!

All the cars were frozen in action in the very middle of every picture, quite small but size is overrated anyway and  the disturbing mesh wire fence which patterned all the action wasn't there, I swear! But still, they were the best motorsport pictures ever! ;-)


My mind changed slightly after I had compared my pictures with the ones in motorsport magazines... Dear god, my pics were crap! The formerly best pictures ever disappeared in the lowest drawer of my desk and never came back to daylight. 

Before you even consider that I'm going to show you samples: Forget it! ;-) They stay locked in FOREVER! :-D


It goes without saying that something had to be changed for our upcoming very first WRC rally!


First of all, I had to have my own camera! A better one than the one I used to borrow. Because a better camera takes better pictures! ;-)

Surprisingly that Christmas time again, month ended before money and I yielded the temptation of a special offer in a showroom window: A totally up-to-date Minolta Dynax 5 with a set of two lenses, 28-100 and 70-300. Maybe the best part of that deal was a voucher for a one-day photography training at Minolta Switzerland HQ.

Been there, done that, of course! I can honestly say that this training day opened my eyes for what can be done with aperture, shutter speed, exposure correction and more terms I hadn't ever heard before...

I have found out then that I had the tool to shift from a snapper to a photographer!

As always, practice makes perfect and that's why I signed in for "photography for  beginners" course at our local evening school.


I remember as it was yesterday when I went there for the first lesson somewhere in early February 2004. We were 2 guys and 12 girls (or ladies?) and when it was time to introduce ourselves and explain our motivation why to join this course, I was the only one among all the future portrait, flowers and pets photographers who wanted to capture the action, speed and dynamics of motorsports. All eyes wide open on me told me it's going to be 10 tough lessons... 


These days, it was learning the hard way, actually "trial and error" to be more precise.

The fact that I had to wait a few days for the results after every shooting made my learning curve looking more like a flat line without a big tendency to rise...


That's why the "Advanced photography 1 and 2" courses followed subsequently.

Between the weekly lessons, I was outside a lot, shooting driving cars. Must have been weird for some drivers, especially when I practiced the use of a flash at night-time... ;-)

That was the main reason why these days gaming had lost its status as my hobby #1.

But for the best possible memories of our Germany trip, I subordinated everything else to that goal. 


The final photography lesson ended only a few weeks before Rally Germany and I felt well prepared. 

Was that enough to get decent pics and how was it to see my first WRC rally live?

Find out in my next blog, coming soon...


High octane greetings and Uf Wiederluege!





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Tommi, Marcus, Carlos, Petter...

Bruno's Blog, from a fan for fans!

Pre-Helsinki Battle 2014 press conference
Clockwise from top left: Michel Nandan, Juho Hänninen, Thierry Neuville, Marcus Grönholm, Mads Östberg, Juha Kankkunen, Pekka Koski, a Ford-dude, Mikko Hirvonen, Tommi Mäkinen, Jari-Matti Latvala, Marku Alèn, Sebastien Ogier, Jost Capito

Welcome back to my blog, thanks.


At the end of my last blog, I spoke about the consequences of the first officially licensed WRC game. And here's the background story:

As you can imagine, the biggest impact made the in-game video clips. Every driver and each country was introduced with one breathtaking sequence. First time ever I got to know all the names of the actual drivers and co-drivers. Another fact popped to my eyes: compared with the overall amount of drivers, the Finns were very strongly represented... Interesting, especially when considering Finland's population size.

The gameplay was fantastic, especially the in-car ego perspective! It goes without saying that I switched all on-screen informations off, only the co-driver's pacenotes came to my headphones. I felt like a real WRC star and the stage replays showed me how talented driver I was... 

Under my control, every Finn won the championship at least once. The only exceptions were

four times world rally champion Tommi Mäkinen and one tall farmer from Inkoo, Marcus Grönholm. These guys won more championships under my control than the Sebastiens (Loeb & Ogier) together. This was the time when I got hooked on Finland... Of course I didn't realize that back then...

I loved playing this game so much, I told all my workmates at Pilatus Aircraft. 

Yes, you're right, well observed! Since January 2000, I had a new job. I switched from CNC machines to Aircraft cockpits which I assembled, integrated and tested for the legendary PC12 and PC7 MkII. A new challenge and new workmates.

This time it was my turn to spread the virus of playstation gaming. My enthusiasm for Evolution Studio's masterpiece of coding was the topic these wintery days before Christmas 2001. Needless to say that I had found out a while ago which of my workmates were interested in motorsport most. One of these guy's was... Let's call him "Beda". It makes things now and in the future much easier because his real name actually is Beda. :-D

He was highly interested in the stories about my favorite game and therefore he asked me where I live. He had never visited me before at home but was about to change that: To see is to believe.

These days I lived in a farm house at the end of a long dead end road, a few kilometers outside our village, almost half way up on one of our Central Switzerland's mountains. Some would even say in the middle of nowhere, but for me it was the most beautiful place I've ever lived. The view from up there over the villages nearby and Lake Lucerne was just breathtaking. At that time, it was dark when I left home and it was dark when I returned from work. The only light near and far was the illuminated Christmas tree in our yard.

One evening, I remember as it was yesterday, I was just about to go to bed, the clock was around 23:30, the doorbell rang. Can you imagine how shocked I was? Who's going to ring my doorbell at that time, at the end of a dead end road, out in the sticks? There is only one reasonable explanation: Something very bad must had happened and the police wanted me to know....

The surprise couldn't had been bigger when I ran down the stairs and opened the main door: Beda... What the hell brought him here at this time of the day?

You probably guess the answer: the illuminated spruce!

The reason for his late visit was obvious and going to bed was no option anymore.

Beda got infected immediately and in conclusion, we ended up driving rally stages all around the world until almost four o'clock in the morning...  We decided to continue our rally chat three hours later at work...

This was only the beginning of hundreds of hours gaming WRC throughout the next years.

Countless evenings and weekends we spent together in my living room, sitting on the couch, staring to the 2x2 meter silver screen where a projector made our rally world alive.

We always started with a randomly chosen country and stage and the previous game session's winner had to set a time. Then the controller was forwarded and either Beda or I played until the time was beaten. Then controller change again and so on...

After the real WRC season had kicked off with the Rally Monte Carlo on January, we followed the TV coverage and the summaries on Eurosport. We saw one of our 2 favorite Finns winning the Monte, Tommi Mäkinen. I admit there was a small difference between the "photorealistic" game graphics and the real footage of Tommi celebrating on the most beautiful rally car (in my humble opinion) of the modern area (after Group B). And most important: The action was mind-blowing! These guys were artists! They ignored and bent the laws of physics in every corner... Suddenly, watching Formula One had lost a lot of its attraction... Beda and I became rally addicts! 

Though rally is the second most viewed 4-wheel motorsport worldwide, Eurosport's policy was to broadcast it very late at night and way too often after "Snooker live"... This fact had taught me everything about Snooker. I still remember the moments when these live sessions didn't want to come to an end (too often for my taste) and then the rally special was kicked out of program. That was the moment I started hating Snooker... Generally, men with balls are okay abut I wanted to see men with balls of steel! ;-)

If Eurosport's schedule wasn't mixed up with mostly red balls on a big green table, I loved watching the cars and stars I knew from the game. 

Unfortunately I can't show you any pictures from these happenings, sorry. 

Back then I didn't have a mobile phone (I was the only one all around) nor any other camera. Photography was a concept I didn't understand and a camera was a mysterious black box with a glass eye. It was better not to touch it even though my brother in law and my favorite uncle were talented hobby photographers.

After playing the first game of this new franchise for months, Beda and I knew all stages by heart and our best times were so advanced that we couldn't beat them anymore.

The only thing we did then was waiting for the launch of the new WRC game in November 2002. We were stuck in Groundhog day and happy with that. ;-)

Over all the years, rally has always connected me with people. Thanks to his curiosity and the WRC game, we spent sooooo many great times together, Beda became one of my closest friends and definitely my first and best Swiss rally friend. 

After another year full of thrilling battles in my living room, WRC 3 was pre-ordered and in my mail box on the day of release. Do I need to say how Beda and I celebrated that long-awaited moment?

It was like all the previous years except one thing...

What was different on that evening near the end of year 2003?

Find out in my next blog, coming soon. :-)

High octane greetings and Uf Wiederluege!






A new broom sweeps cleaner

Bruno's Blog, from a fan for fans!

Welcome back to my blog, thanks.


Let's find out why my favorite game had lost it's attraction suddenly:


After more than a year full of thrilling battles against friends or the clock, I switched my PlayStation off, opened the disc drive, grabbed the red-hot and still spinning data wheel carefully with my glove-protected fingers and placed it on my living room table to cool down. It took much longer than expected but finally it was cold enough to put the silver disc into its casing and from there to retirement.


What had happened?


Short question, simple answer:

The a bit more experienced ( I don't say old) readers will remember this masterpiece of coding. 

For all the others: Colin Mc Rae Rally was the very first console rally game with no direct opponents. The only one to beat was the clock. I don't want to say it was a simulation game but it came close. The gameplay was simply awesome, well balanced, very challenging but always motivating for another try. I remember that its completely new approach with having no other cars on the track (unlike V-Rally) was too new for gaming magazines. The game got great reviews but at the end, there was always one question left: Would the gamer accept to race against "no-one"? Nowadays we laugh about these concerns but in 1998, it was revolutionary. Rally-blind from V-Rally, I discovered that game in early '99 and loved it from the very beginning. That was sooooooo my game...

No other cars on the track meant that I couldn't blame anyone else anymore when I had lost a race. No unfair maneuvers anymore (which we never did anyway, haha), no excuses, only my skills made the difference between top or flop. What a joy!

Again hundreds of endless gaming evenings, nights , weekends went by until the champion among rally games was beaten.


Meanwhile we're in the year 2000 and Colin Mc Rae Rally developer Codemasters launched their new offroad racing flagship:

I bet that this bring you gamers out there some great memories back. It was really possible to make a great game even better: More cars and more locations, more cheats... Who remembers the funny "Helium-Nicky"? Insiders know what I mean.


Needless to tell that this game was another milestone for me. My growing interest about rally had reached new heights but for some strange reason only in terms of console rally gaming. 


I don't remember that I had been watching ever rally on TV these years...

The fact that rally isn't a big thing in Switzerland (actually it's not existing in the big medias) and I wasn't a TV-holic still made it so that rally existed for me only in my meanwhile 3 year old PlayStstion.

Nowadays when I look back or even now when I write these lines, I wonder about myself very much. How was it possible that I didn't find the way from virtual rally to real world? I have absolutely no clue...

and to tell it beforehand, it continued like that for another very long time...

Strange, I know.

Time went by so quickly and not only the rally games got updates, also my grey box of joy became older. Sony had noticed that too and announced the Playstation 2 for November 2000. Guess who ordered the black brick months before its launch? That was easy, wasn't it? Too much I had read in gaming magazines about the new wonder-console not to be among the first ones to have it. 


Finally my countdown had reached "Day 0" and to celebrate this early Christmas suitably, I took a day off. Unlike years before, I wasn't shy anymore to tell everyone why I didn't come to work that day. A special PlayStation 2 launch party was arranged, friends invited and 2 consoles connected with 2 video projectors offered party all evening. The new graphic power with now 128bit instead of 32 was simply jaw-dropping (back then). Unfortunately only 2 Games fitted to my limited budget: Tekken (beat-em-up), and Ridge Racer (arcade racing). There were only 2 or 3 more games available that day but as long as I still had Colin McRae Rally on my suddenly old-fashioned PS1, I could manage.


Only a week or two later, a random visit of our local electronic department store lifted my rally fever to a new level. The very first game of the official World Rally Championship WRC smiled from the shelf to my direction. I can tell all of you out there: Love at the first sight exists, it happened to me at that moment. This game made about the same impact like V-Rally back in the days. When V-Rally was the spark, then WRC - The Game was the blast!

All the cars, drivers and co-drivers of the highest level of rallying (except Colin Mc Rae, which was exclusively used in his own game). Does anyone remember how developer Evolution Studios solved that issue? You got it: Colin was "Driver for Ford". :-D


And there was one more reason why I loved that game and what consequences that caused.


Do you want to get to know? Find out next Tuesday. :-D


High octane greetings and Uf Wiederluege!




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Once upon a time...

Bruno's Blog, from a fan for fans!

Welcome back to my Blog, thanks.


This is how it all has started, the beginning of a very long and ongoing journey.

If you had told me 10 years ago, what I do now and where I live, I had accepted every bet with the highest possible wager against you. 


But sometimes life surprises you more than you can ever imagine.

Smallest and most unimpressive things or moments can change your life forever.

You randomly meet people who make a huge impact in your life unnoticed. Some people seem to be a once in a lifetime encounter but they change your mind one beautiful day in the future and become best friends.

Sometimes you go somewhere to do something and then you end up somewhere completely different with doing something you have never done before.

Some Happenings seem to be bad at first but when you look back one reflecting moment in the future, these so-called bad moments have turned into something much bigger and therefor better than it looked back then.


All we need to do is to keep our eyes and minds open. As long as we follow our passion, it doesn't really matter which road we take unless it leads to our goals. Once on that road, you can't go wrong anymore. Whatever happens to our left or right, it's part of the adventure. Once our goals are set, the speed isn't relevant anymore. Small or big steps bring you closer but you must make them. As long as you keep on moving, your passion guides you to the right direction even in the darkest times. 


Does this sound too philosophical to you? Wasn't my intention, I just summed up my last ten years. Don't worry, my story-telling won't end here. There is plenty more to say. But when you keep all that in mind whenever you read my blog, you'll discover these patterns all the time. I'm convinced you see them even in your life. 


At some point, you are full of these little but meaningful stories. Some like to share them, some might think they are too introverted to tell anything. Never mind! 


My last 10 years were more or less all about photography, especially motorsport photography of course. Some pictures have gone around the world, some have brought a little joy into a fan's heart, some have made people laugh or wonder and some tell proverbial "more than thousand words".


Behind all these pictures am I. They tell more about me than I admit. But there is always a story about the circumstances, which have led to that picture. And aren't stories just what the doctor ordered? Exactly: Bingo!


I'd like to start now with the very beginning of my passion for motorsport photography.

Sit back, relax, popcorn and something more or less healthy to drink in reaching area of your hands... Okay? Go!

We write the year 1997, it's a quite usual autumn day in middle of October. I had a great summer with friends and my Peugeot 306 convertible. This bordeaux Pininfarina beauty was a birthday present to myself one year ago in exchange with an Opel Calibra Turbo. It was my first convertible car and it offered me a completely new experience of driving. Speed wasn't its main purpose, slowness and detours were the key to amusement. Like on this October day. I was driving towards my new job, a new experience, new faces, new challenges. 


After an apprenticeship as car mechanic and a few years working as one I changed to security business. I was one of these security guys you see in football stadiums, ice hockey halls and bigger parties. I was used to work at any time of day and I liked it. 

My flexibility to work everywhere and all the time was probably one of the main reasons why my relationship broke up only a few weeks ago. Nothing to lose much words about it, we are still friends. Maybe we just had met too early in our lives.


Anyway, whenever something like this happened in my life, I did always the same: I worked even longer, harder and more. Work seemed to be the best therapy for me and nothing has changes until today. Girls might cut their hair, I changed the workplace to have more work.

My new job offered 3-shift production and I thought it's perfect for me. I couldn't resist the temptation to work mainly at night with free time during the day and a regular income instead of hourly wage.

With all this in mind and pleasant anticipation in my heart, I shook hands with my new boss. A new chapter began. I was introduced to my workmates of the same shift and as always before, it was very easy for me to find the guy with whom I became friend. The fact that we worked side by side but at two different CNC lathes helped a lot to get to know each other better quickly.


Weeks went by and with my newly won freedom as single, I spent many evenings home alone (Don't call me Kevin!). Already then consuming TV was too boring for me and wasted time for brainwash. My unbroken love for reading books had filled my shelfs and that's why I was looking for something new to fill that gap. Christmas came closer and with it the annual run for customers money. Usually I can resist these profit-making times quite easily but this year the newly released Nintendo 64 caught my attention. Do you know any healthy hetero guy who was never interested in video games? I don't and I'm no exception, especially after I had played some funny games (which names I don't remember) a few weeks earlier with my former security workmates.


One beautiful day in November, I started to tell my new work mate about my desire. I tried to start the discussion informally because these days, I truly believed video games are something for kids. What would my new friend think about me? Yes, back in these days, I really cared about other people's opinion of me... Luckily I had not only found a new friend, he was also a very good conversationalist. After countless hours of discussing on many days, he convinced me with his belief that the PlayStation was the better console. I had learned that the console stands and falls with its games and the PlayStation games were "more adult". But the killer fact to buy a Sony's grey disc player is to swap games with my friend.


A few days later, all shops in our local shopping center offered 10% discount on everything.

You know already, how the story continues... ;-)

I went to the electronic department and grabbed one box of Sony's best seller. What game shall I buy? I had no clue until I saw the "V-Rally 97" smiling at me... A quick look on the cover and the back told me that this game included "my" Peugeot 306! Within less than a tenth of a second, I had found my future pastime.

The cashier was a young pretty lady and I was still to shy to admit that video games were for adults too. That's why I told her to gift-wrap it for my godson...

At that time, I didn't feel silly but now... ;-)

Long story short: I had my Christmas present and found an entertaining friend for many years.


V-Rally and "my" Peugeot introduced me to a world I didn't know before.

because all the years Formula One was my favorite motorsport, thanks to our Sauber team. 

Rally is one of these sports you don't ever see on Swiss TV and rarely on any other international channels. Especially when you don't like watching TV at all and at that time internet wasn't what it is today. 


My workmate and friend was right, I liked my grey disc centrifuge, I loved V-Rally and I shared hundreds of hours of thrilling battles with my best friends, fighting for hundreds of a second to drive better stage times. 

But on one beautiful day in 1998, V-Rally had lost its attraction.

What had happened? 


Find out in my next blog, coming on Friday. Stay tuned!


High octane greetings and Uf Wiederluege!



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Welcome to Bruno's Blog 2.0 

Bruno's Blog, from a fan for fans!

Bruno's blog is back!

Welcome to my blog! 

Before I start, please let me make you familiar with my motivation and intention of this blog.


It's actually quite simple: It's all about my passion for motorsports and photography.


In future posts, we travel together to all kind of fantastic motorsport events, mainly in my new home Finland but all over Europe too. We discover wonderful locations and scenic nature, always related somehow to motorsports.

It goes without saying that we meet people too and get to know their stories. 

Beside all that, I'll take you to the other side of my camera and reveal how some of my best pictures were done. I promise it will be interesting not only for photographers. 

While writing this, I have more than 11 years experience of motorsport photography, almost 5 of them as professional. I assure there is still many more to come, the future looks brighter than ever.

Very often people ask the photographing Swiss rally fan what has happened that I'm in Finland. That's the password which opens my treasure chest of stories...

Now I'm happy to share them with you! Thank you!


But before I start, let me tell you a few general things:


Here you find a short introduction about me.


If you have problems to understand my English, I can honestly tell you, you're not alone. ;-P

Misspells and wrong grammar can and will be found. Keep them, they are for free and part of the entertainment. :-D


Since you are already here, please have a look on the other content of my humble website (Keep in mind I'm a photographer, neither a nerd nor HTML guru).

I guarantee you find things nobody else does/has done for motorsports. Enjoy! :-D


Nowadays, social media seems to be everything and everywhere and that's why even I can't avoid it. Do you dare to have a look here?

I'm not asking for "likes", it's your free will to decide. :-)


Upcoming blogs will be announced by Twitter. On case that you like my blog, feel free to follow me by pressing the button on the left.


To all of you out there who know my previous blogging:
I bet you recognized the header picture. I know I won this bet... ;-)
I'm happy and honored to have you with me again. Good to have you back! Thanks.


And last but not least:

  • I don't have any commercial intentions with this blog.
  • When I have nothing interesting to tell that passes my own quality standards, then I don't write anything. This should make sure that you don't get bored. 
  • This blog is independent, represents my own thoughts and uses the freedom of expression.
  • If you find a picture in my gallery which you'd like to know how it's done, just let me know the name of the gallery and the picture number.
  • Comments are warmly welcome. Due to all the spam comments I got in my old blog, I moderate the comments. Please don't be disappointed when you can't see your comment right after having sent it. I'll do my best to release them quickly.


Puh, that was the hardest part: Check!


Now my dear reader, you have reached the point where my blog finally starts.


Okay, let's find out why there is a "2.0" in the title:


A quick recap:

I was blogging for Sporttimobiili since end of June 2012.

Sporttimobiili was the in-house marketing platform of ELISA, Finland's biggest mobile communications provider. Quickly the content became a very popular tool where sports fans could find all kind of multimedia about what ELISA sponsors, e.g. ice hockey, motorsports or floorball, made by fans for fans. And I had the great honor to be their designated motorsports blogger/photographer since the launch of that project. How has this happened? I will tell you in one of the future blogs. ;-)


During my time with Sporttimobiili, I had the time of my life!

It was simply incredible to work with passionate people only and for somebody who gave me total freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. Words can't express how thankful I still am to have been the chosen one.

10000 and more "Thanks!" to them.

They made my dream possible: To live a life for and with motorsports, to show my photography to a wider audience and to travel all over Finland. And sometimes even abroad.

I was blessed to discover places I haven't known that they're on the map and variations of all kind of 2 and 4 wheel motorsports. It's been an awesome time, needless to say I enjoyed every single minute. 


One beautiful Friday in middle of February, Sporttimobiili's producer "Löde" called me after a long day out shooting cars on ice. At that time I worked and lived in Ivalo for "" with Mark Wallenwein and Armin Schwarz. I assume these two names are familiar for rally fans all over the world, aren't they?. Ivalo is located in northern Finnish Lapland, 300km above arctic circle. It's one village of Finland's largest municipality Inari. With an area of 17'333.77 square kilometers (6'692.61 sq mi) it's almost half of the size of Switzerland... And here you see my winter domicile.  It looks like a fairy tale, doesn't it? :-D 

Sorry, my endless love for Lapland broke through. Back to Löde...

The reason why he called was to break very bad news to me:
ELISA has decided to stop Sporttimobiili... :-((

After a decision maker and the Senior Business Development Manager (the inventor, founder and mastermind of Sporttimobiili) had left the company, there was no support anymore from the new leaders...

Long story short: PERKELE! (Finnish cursing. This is the word everybody tried to teach me when I was new in Finland. Mission accomplished!)


I never ever expected to lose Sporttimobiili... That gave me a nasty shock, shook my world upside down within a fraction of a second...

How will my adventure in Finland continue?

What shall I do when iceaction is over end of March?

How will I get an sufficient income?

How long will my savings last?
Does my adventure in Finland end up in a disaster after only 4 years?

Do I need to go back to Switzerland?

Can I stay in Finland?

Do I have to take a "normal" job?

The little hamster called "mind" ran wild in circles, repeating these and many more questions over and over...

One cold comfort was my work then. I worked extra hours just to be distracted a little bit from all the lurking doubts in my mind.


As a first consequence of all that, I interrupted the blogging for unknown duration. 


You all know that: What can go wrong will go completely wrong, and the shit hit the fan!

When I finally was ready to continue my blogging, Sporttimobiili had shut down its servers, everything, all my blogs from the last 2 1/2 years gone... No chance to reactivate it... 

My blog was like my baby... A diary about my endless adventure in terms of SPEEEEED AND PASSION in wonderful Finland... Everything lost!

Again: PERKELE! :-((


Meanwhile, the darkness has cleared up a bit. 

And that's why I decided to continue blogging and write some of my old blogs with new words again.

Now you know the reason for the "2.0". :-)

As far as I can, I try to publish one old but newly written blog alternating with a completely new story.


A personal note for my "old" readers: I'll do it in a way that is interesting enough to read it again. If you are not interested in my contemplative incontinence, just skip all blogs with the "History" tag. 

My next blog will be out coming Tuesday and is a time warp to the first contact with "Rally".

I would be happy to have you with me again then.


High octane greetings and Uf Wiederluege!



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