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Marcus Grönholm & Timo Rautiainen, Ford Focus WRC, Rally Sweden 2007
Marcus Grönholm & Timo Rautiainen, Ford Focus WRC, Rally Sweden 2007
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!!!   LATEST NEWS   !!!

Hello Motorsport-Enthusiast!


I use this website to share my passion for motorsports and photography.
Within the last more than 5 years, I travelled all over Finland in my motorhome to follow my dream: The WRC.

Long story short: This early march, I got a call and was asked if I'd like to be the photographer of the TOYOTA GAZOO RACING WRC team.

Since April, I work for Tommi Mäkinen Racing full time to document the Toyota Yaris WRC 2017 progress.

And next year I travel to all WRC rallies as a team member.

My dream has come true!!! I'm over the moon!


On the other hand this means, I'm too busy to follow any other motorsports. That's why this website isn't updated like it used to be.


Please check our social medial channels, there you might find my latest pics.


Facebook:    Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC 


Twitter:       @TGR_WRC


Instagram:  TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRC - @TGR_WRC


Thank you vor visiting my website.


High-octane regards,

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