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Marcus Grönholm & Timo Rautiainen, Ford Focus WRC, Rally Sweden 2007
Marcus Grönholm & Timo Rautiainen, Ford Focus WRC, Rally Sweden 2007
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Welcome to Bruno's Blog 2.0 

Bruno's Blog, from a fan for fans!

Bruno's blog is back!

Welcome to my blog! 

Before I start, please let me make you familiar with my motivation and intention of this blog.


It's actually quite simple: It's all about my passion for motorsports and photography.


In future posts, we travel together to all kind of fantastic motorsport events, mainly in my new home Finland but all over Europe too. We discover wonderful locations and scenic nature, always related somehow to motorsports.

It goes without saying that we meet people too and get to know their stories. 

Beside all that, I'll take you to the other side of my camera and reveal how some of my best pictures were done. I promise it will be interesting not only for photographers. 

While writing this, I have more than 11 years experience of motorsport photography, almost 5 of them as professional. I assure there is still many more to come, the future looks brighter than ever.

Very often people ask the photographing Swiss rally fan what has happened that I'm in Finland. That's the password which opens my treasure chest of stories...

Now I'm happy to share them with you! Thank you!


But before I start, let me tell you a few general things:


Here you find a short introduction about me.


If you have problems to understand my English, I can honestly tell you, you're not alone. ;-P

Misspells and wrong grammar can and will be found. Keep them, they are for free and part of the entertainment. :-D


Since you are already here, please have a look on the other content of my humble website (Keep in mind I'm a photographer, neither a nerd nor HTML guru).

I guarantee you find things nobody else does/has done for motorsports. Enjoy! :-D


Nowadays, social media seems to be everything and everywhere and that's why even I can't avoid it. Do you dare to have a look here?

I'm not asking for "likes", it's your free will to decide. :-)


Upcoming blogs will be announced by Twitter. On case that you like my blog, feel free to follow me by pressing the button on the left.


To all of you out there who know my previous blogging:
I bet you recognized the header picture. I know I won this bet... ;-)
I'm happy and honored to have you with me again. Good to have you back! Thanks.


And last but not least:

  • I don't have any commercial intentions with this blog.
  • When I have nothing interesting to tell that passes my own quality standards, then I don't write anything. This should make sure that you don't get bored. 
  • This blog is independent, represents my own thoughts and uses the freedom of expression.
  • If you find a picture in my gallery which you'd like to know how it's done, just let me know the name of the gallery and the picture number.
  • Comments are warmly welcome. Due to all the spam comments I got in my old blog, I moderate the comments. Please don't be disappointed when you can't see your comment right after having sent it. I'll do my best to release them quickly.


Puh, that was the hardest part: Check!


Now my dear reader, you have reached the point where my blog finally starts.


Okay, let's find out why there is a "2.0" in the title:


A quick recap:

I was blogging for Sporttimobiili since end of June 2012.

Sporttimobiili was the in-house marketing platform of ELISA, Finland's biggest mobile communications provider. Quickly the content became a very popular tool where sports fans could find all kind of multimedia about what ELISA sponsors, e.g. ice hockey, motorsports or floorball, made by fans for fans. And I had the great honor to be their designated motorsports blogger/photographer since the launch of that project. How has this happened? I will tell you in one of the future blogs. ;-)


During my time with Sporttimobiili, I had the time of my life!

It was simply incredible to work with passionate people only and for somebody who gave me total freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. Words can't express how thankful I still am to have been the chosen one.

10000 and more "Thanks!" to them.

They made my dream possible: To live a life for and with motorsports, to show my photography to a wider audience and to travel all over Finland. And sometimes even abroad.

I was blessed to discover places I haven't known that they're on the map and variations of all kind of 2 and 4 wheel motorsports. It's been an awesome time, needless to say I enjoyed every single minute. 


One beautiful Friday in middle of February, Sporttimobiili's producer "Löde" called me after a long day out shooting cars on ice. At that time I worked and lived in Ivalo for "" with Mark Wallenwein and Armin Schwarz. I assume these two names are familiar for rally fans all over the world, aren't they?. Ivalo is located in northern Finnish Lapland, 300km above arctic circle. It's one village of Finland's largest municipality Inari. With an area of 17'333.77 square kilometers (6'692.61 sq mi) it's almost half of the size of Switzerland... And here you see my winter domicile.  It looks like a fairy tale, doesn't it? :-D 

Sorry, my endless love for Lapland broke through. Back to Löde...

The reason why he called was to break very bad news to me:
ELISA has decided to stop Sporttimobiili... :-((

After a decision maker and the Senior Business Development Manager (the inventor, founder and mastermind of Sporttimobiili) had left the company, there was no support anymore from the new leaders...

Long story short: PERKELE! (Finnish cursing. This is the word everybody tried to teach me when I was new in Finland. Mission accomplished!)


I never ever expected to lose Sporttimobiili... That gave me a nasty shock, shook my world upside down within a fraction of a second...

How will my adventure in Finland continue?

What shall I do when iceaction is over end of March?

How will I get an sufficient income?

How long will my savings last?
Does my adventure in Finland end up in a disaster after only 4 years?

Do I need to go back to Switzerland?

Can I stay in Finland?

Do I have to take a "normal" job?

The little hamster called "mind" ran wild in circles, repeating these and many more questions over and over...

One cold comfort was my work then. I worked extra hours just to be distracted a little bit from all the lurking doubts in my mind.


As a first consequence of all that, I interrupted the blogging for unknown duration. 


You all know that: What can go wrong will go completely wrong, and the shit hit the fan!

When I finally was ready to continue my blogging, Sporttimobiili had shut down its servers, everything, all my blogs from the last 2 1/2 years gone... No chance to reactivate it... 

My blog was like my baby... A diary about my endless adventure in terms of SPEEEEED AND PASSION in wonderful Finland... Everything lost!

Again: PERKELE! :-((


Meanwhile, the darkness has cleared up a bit. 

And that's why I decided to continue blogging and write some of my old blogs with new words again.

Now you know the reason for the "2.0". :-)

As far as I can, I try to publish one old but newly written blog alternating with a completely new story.


A personal note for my "old" readers: I'll do it in a way that is interesting enough to read it again. If you are not interested in my contemplative incontinence, just skip all blogs with the "History" tag. 

My next blog will be out coming Tuesday and is a time warp to the first contact with "Rally".

I would be happy to have you with me again then.


High octane greetings and Uf Wiederluege!



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    Patu (Sonntag, 22 November 2015 01:55)

    Nice your blog is back with this new 2.0 engine, jee!!!
    The road is ahead, we just need pacenotes and pics/vids!
    Waiting for the next one!